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Dental implants provide a permanent and natural-looking solution for patients suffering from missing teeth, and thanks to an innovative new technique, implants can now be used to provide a fully restored smile in minimal time. All on 4 dental implants can fully replace an entire row of missing teeth in the upper or lower gums using just four titanium posts. This revolutionary process provides a complete smile faster and more comfortably than with alternative restoration treatments.

What makes All on 4 different?

All on 4 dental implants allow a full arch of teeth to be placed on a single implant, or an entire row of teeth with just four implants. If you suffer from multiple missing teeth, All on 4 minimizes the time you spend in the dentist office by placing fewer implants.

Implants are small titanium posts surgically inserted into the gums. These implants fuse to the jawbone to function as a permanent foundation for your prosthetic teeth. Because implants serve to anchor these prosthetics in place, you benefit from a more comfortable and durable fit. Implants also act as anchors in much the same way as natural tooth roots, protect the gums against debris and infection, and protect your jawbone from deterioration.

When you use an implant and prosthetic tooth together, they act to fill the space left by a missing tooth. This not only restores the look of your smile, but helps you smile, speak, and chew more easily. The restoration also ensures your natural teeth do not shift into gaps, which can cause misalignment of your bite, discomfort, and jaw-related problems.

Best of all, All on 4 dental implants allow you to get a complete smile in as little as one day. Implants are placed during a single visit, then left to fuse to the jawbone over the course of several months. During this time, we place a full set of temporary prosthetics so that you do not have to wait to enjoy a complete smile. After the implants have fused to the jawbones, your permanent replacement teeth will be placed, providing a long-term restoration of your smile’s health and appearance.

Customized Treatment for Natural-looking Results

All on 4 uses advanced technology to create prosthetic teeth that match the size, color, and alignment of your natural smile. This guarantees a comfortable fit and beautiful smile you can proudly share. Call us today to learn more about All on 4 implants. Our friendly and welcoming staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will assist you in scheduling your next visit.

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