June 30, 2014
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Summary: Learning the basics of what causes dental problems should help keep your mouth protected.

It’s surprising how many people miss out on some basics in dental care. We all mean well, but sometimes we convince ourselves that we don’t have time to floss, or that the extra cup of coffee won’t hurt us. In reality, there are a variety of basic factors that contribute to oral health problems. Knowing the basics of care will cut down on the chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

Daily Tips

There are several reasons why you should make changes to your lifestyle that support a healthy mouth. For one, regular brushing prevents tooth decay and gum disease. The latter can be painful and cause unnecessary discomfort. You also don’t need to see the dentist as often. A normal person should expect to see the dentist for a cleaning about twice a year, but there are other procedures one may require depending on the state of oral health.

Dentists recommend that you create a plan for your teeth. Do brush at least twice a day, or if you can manage it brush after every meal. Do get a tooth brush that fits comfortably in your mouth, with bristles that are not too firm (soft should do for most people). Do floss when you brush, and be sure that you floss between each tooth. It can be time consuming at first, but with practice you’ll be able to floss much faster.

Eating Tips

If you didn’t know, an apple or a piece of celery makse for great natural tooth cleaners. You can also cut down on tooth stains if you avoid certain drinks, like tea or coffee. Beverages that are high in fluoride will help to restore the enamel on your teeth, which degrades depending on the acidic content of the food and drink you consume. Sugar helps plaque grow, which in turn leads to fragile teeth. Avoid hard, sugary candies that might cause teeth to crack or break if you bite down on them.

Tips for Children

Your child’s first dentist appointment should come in somewhere around the 12 month mark, possibly as early as six months. This is also around the time that you should begin to see your dentist for oral health recommendations. This gives your dentist time to evaluate your child, and assess his or her likelihood of oral problems. You should definitely schedule an appointment before the first tooth appear, then you will need to schedule routine appointments every six months after.

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