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Determining the cost of dental implants can help you to make an informed decision regarding your oral health. However, in the case of dental implant treatment, the cheapest solution is not always the best. Learn how to make the most of your implants and how to invest wisely in your oral health.

Cost vs Quality

Evaluating the true cost of dental implants requires knowing more than just the initial price. The success of dental implant treatment hinges on the expertise of the dentist you entrust with your oral health. Dental implants have many benefits and can give you a natural-looking, permanently restored smile, but only if you receive the correct treatment. Failed implants cost more in time, money, and pain as they must be removed, subsequent treatments must be used to heal the mouth, and more time and resources must be used to correct your treatment. Trusting your care to an experienced dental implant specialist helps to ensure your treatment serves as a long-term investment in your health and happiness.

Determining the Cost of Treatment

Determining the exact cost of treatment involves several factors, including the cost of materials, procedures, and the extent of work required. Some patients only require the placement of a single implant to fill a gap left by a missing tooth while other patients require a full set of teeth. Patients with poor oral health will also require corrective treatments prior to placing the implants.

During your consultation, Dr. Solomon and his team will discuss in detail all of your options for treatment, the estimated cost, and all payment options.

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Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS has helped patients regain healthy, beautiful smiles for more than twenty years. He continues to build on his extensive knowledge and experience with continuing education on treatments, technologies, and techniques that can improve patient care.

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